Influencing your customers style……..


This black, white and mustard display from the Overgate Shop in Todmorden would have still looked great if it was just a monochrome display. But what really makes it pop is the added colour of mustard, creating a display that makes all the clothes look appealing for purchase and gets the customer to consider attempting to create the colour combination themselves. It’s a great way to encourage the purchasing of clothes that customer might not have been intending to buy, simply because the shop has shown them a new combination. This kind of display is also very functional because it can easily be topped up and maintained to remain looking good for its duration in the window.

The power just of colour in a display is reflected by the popular colour blocking merchandising method in shops, suited mainly to displaying clothing and homewares. Now on the increase is grouping themed patterns/trends together in an internal display. This gives the customer inspiration in trying out new combinations of clothes and demonstrates that ‘current’ looks can be purchased just as easily but at much better value from a charity shop. Having a regular fashion feature is an effective way of keeping a very regular customer interested… because they never know what they might be missing out on if they don’t keep on popping in…



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