Merchandising Inspiration Shop of the Month – Red Cross Shop (Bridge Street, Victoria)

Our first shop focus post is all about the very creative displays created by the Red Cross Shop in Victoria, all the way down under in Australia. Charity shopping is called opportunity shopping ( op – shopping) in Oz and there shops look like little treasure troves just like ours do. If you check out the Red Cross Shops page on Facebook you will see that all their shops have some creative merchandising going on not just showing off the great donations they get but communicating the message of the Red Cross too.

The Bridge Street store manages to make all their messaging clear and they are dab hands at creating installation windows that really catch the eye. They must have a bunch of really talented volunteers because they are always creating fresh and exciting displays.


There is also clever recycling of unusual items for display like these rackets displaying sunglasses and picture frames displaying messaging.


Best of all they create theme windows that could compete with any high street retailer, managing the difficult task of making traditional window subjects of Father’s day and Christmas look both fresh and current.



So if you looking for inspiration this chilly Sunday then I recommend checking out the page of Red Cross Bridge Street  and getting inspired by some excellent displays.


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