Never have Valentines day displays been so chic….

Considering it only comes once a year and lasts only one day, Valentines day just gets bigger and bigger. There’s been masses of displays appearing in Charity shops up and down the high street. These days the displays are more chic than like the chaotic displays of old, there’s certainly no more unflattering wedding dresses and over loved teddy bears being showcased in the window. Among some of the best I’ve seen there has been quite a few displays inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey popping up, translating well as a window display and having the added bonus of the potential to shift some of the copious amounts of copies of the book most charity shops must have in their backrooms.

Scope Hull SS Shop

There has also been lots of quirky displays like this heart-breaker display from Action Cancer Coleraine and this unique heart display from Emmaus in East London.

action cancer coleraine
Action Cancer Coleraine

Then there is the very chic and very subtle Valentines displays…

rspca nortern quarter
RSPCA Northern Quarter


Gone are the days of Valentines displays being full of pink, pink, pink!….. It’s all about black and red now and when it’s executed well it looks really striking.

10563107_1542785562673613_1371394604423986286_n Sue Ryder Camden and Oxfam Enfield
Mary’s Living and Giving Shop in Stockbridge

And then, there is nothing quite like a quirky reinterpretation of Valentines day like this great one from Gorta….

Gorta in Cork City


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