You can’t always get what you want….. but you can try…

Donations are the very life blood of a charity shop, even shops receiving heaps of stock would probably say they want more. But competition is high, there are lots of charity shops all after each donors unwanted items, so what’s the secret to gaining and retaining donors. Today many shops are part of all sorts of incentive schemes, Oxfam have a Nectar point link up and the M&S voucher scheme, Barnardos have a relationship with Argos for toy donations and Tk Maxx and Cancer Research have hooked up. Incentives will always have an appeal to customers but even if you are part of a charity shop that isn’t a part of any schemes, doesn’t mean that you can’t increase your donations because you haven’t got heaps of sweeteners for your customers. There are still people out there who don’t know you want stuff and if you can get the message through to them, then you’ll probably get their help. Its all about how you communicate to your customer base within your shop and then how you communicate with the all the people who aren’t shopping with you, but could be potential donors. External communication could be a whole other blog so we’ll just go with featuring some great visual communication in-store.

There’s the quirky display using unusual materials to grab attention..

Oxfam D.I.Y Glasgow
rspca didsbury
RSPCA Didsbury



Displays using brand materials….



The mix of brand materials and creativity…



Of course it doesn’t always have to be a entire display, there can always be a subtle reminder….

My Sight Charity Shop Nottingham


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