Customer experience vs sales space…

Charity shops come in all shapes and sizes, from the very small to those that are gigantic. There aren’t many people who would turn down more space for their shop, but how is space best used to its advantage. More and more shops are giving over more space in store to display and customer experience, something that has been seen for quite some time in some of the boutique style charity shops. But with boutiques often selling a higher value product range where less density can show off these quality items to their best advantage, is it a look that can work for ‘general’ charity shops too. Does sacrificing sales space to give the stock more space to be displayed make more money than utilising every last bit of sales space with stock? Maybe its department dependent, space for some seating in a book department, creating a home scene with complimentary homewares or outfits displayed to show all different accessory combinations might all encourage purchasing. Could a department such a menswear, often relegated to a small section of the shop, flourish if given extra space purely for display? I suppose it’s hard to say whether devoting more space to display in store can pay off or if display scenes are best left for the window. But one thing is for sure, shops creating in store displays are certainly adding to the experience of the customer…..


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