“You can’t buy that, it’s part of the window display”…..

Creating a window display can take some time and often lots of effort, and then once its complete and your admiring your work someone comes along and wants to buy something from it! Although frustrating when it happens instantly, its very satisfying because that’s money in the till straight away which is the window displays main aim.

More and more charity shops are popping up with displays that are not for sale at least for two weeks or even more frustrating for the customer there are some shops where the display is not for sale at all. I often pass by a charity shop that creates lovely themed displays for every occasion throughout the year also accompanied by a sign that says none of the items are for sale. Of course sometimes there are key props being used on the window to display stock to its best advantage, for example a cabinet showing off vintage tea sets, could have a two week hold on it because its fulfilling a selling purpose. But shouldn’t everything on display in the window be for sale, aren’t we teasing the customers to say to them that they can’t have the item or that they have to come back in two weeks, isn’t it better to sell the item straight away and replace it with another making double the money for the charity?

Every item being displayed in the window is getting double the chance of selling being seen by both your customers and passers by, if those passers by are always seeing fresh stock in your window everyday they are potentially more likely to enter your store just as much as your regulars, returning to check they aren’t missing out on anything. The most effective display are those that create a look in the window that can last for a few weeks but where the stock can be constantly changing within that display, making the display well worth the effort and keeping that till ringing every day…

These are some great examples of shops that have created a look through props either bought in or that they have made themselves that create great  backgrounds to continually be selling stock out of their windows.

This PDSA display creates a pretty Easter look…with the props being able to stay up but the outfits could be sold and re dressed many, many times.

PDSA Kingswood

This Hollywood display could be sold out of too with the images of the stars creating the main visual imagery of the display.


The look in this display from Save the Children in Stockbridge is all in the props too and all the stock could easily be sold instantly without the display loosing its look.

Save the Children

All the books in this up-cycled display from Oxfam Mill Hill could be sold and replaced many times over and the display would still stand out.

Oxfam Mill Hill


2 thoughts on ““You can’t buy that, it’s part of the window display”…..

  1. I get so frustrated not only in charity shops but in all forms of retail when there is an item in their store but they won’t sell it because it is presently being used for display. Wouldn’t you rather the income? Just a thought one retailer to another.

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