Selling items impossible to merchandise…..

Every now and then a donation comes in that has a sell-able value to it, but it just either a bit of an eye sore or it’s too big to fit comfortably in the shop. When it comes to size, the item needs to be gone and gone quickly before it impacts on your sales of the usual stock. With the item needing to be moved on, the pricing of it is a difficult thing to judge, you know it has a certain worth to it, but there isn’t the time to wait around to see if you can achieve that. Then there is the opposite problem of pricing something too cheaply which seems to automatically make customers suspicious about the item having something wrong with it.

There aren’t many charity shops that appreciate haggling from customers, but maybe a haggling pricing strategy for these un –  merchandisable items could be way of selling them quickly and getting a good price for them  The ‘Make us an offer’ strategy is where you make a sign stating that the item currently doesn’t have a price and if the customer is interested to come to the till point and make an offer, making sure to state that the offer will only be accepted if you are happy with it. The great thing about this approach is that its something different for the customers and for the volunteers to do, also giving the shop the chance of a quick sale at a good price or depending on the skills of the volunteers on the till achieve an excellent price. Of course its important to remember if you fancy trying this that the items you use need to be things that you want rid of quickly and at a lowish price. Items like large pieces of furniture, office chairs, dining chairs, bicycles etc….

Who knows if the approach works for the shop, it might be an excellent money spinner at accepting a few more donations of awkward items because you know you’ll be able to sell them quickly…



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