The inspiration behind the window display – Action Cancer Coleraine

At first look this display looks like an eye catching winter fashion display but on closer inspection its actually a display that conveys one of the main messages of the Action Cancer Charity about early detection of cancer. Displays that reflect to the public what the charity is about are probably my favourite type of window because it can connect so well with customers.

Angela from the Coleraine shops explains exactly what the thought process behind the display was:

“The motto of our charity is Early Detection Saves Lives… I also wanted the window to have an appeal to all age groups..the children will see the magical appeal and the more grown up will see the message or appreciate what we do. There’s no better time of year to get our message across than Christmas which I feel is the time of year people stop more to look really look at windows. I love Christmas so wanted to have a magical experience and what’s better than childhood fairy tale stories. So I themed the window around Red Riding Hood, conscious that the red and white will be very festive as well as visually popping out at you. I organised a little photo shoot in-store one evening, all people involved volunteered there time and expertise.We got the graphics printed at next to nothing by friends of friends! The dress was a donated wedding dress and the cloak was sewn by a volunteers sister for free from a piece of red material we had. I gift wrapped 4 parcels with a label attached on each with the strong message I was trying to convey. I am very conscious that people love a story to keep them gripped so the “Story” goes Red Riding Hood was walking through the woods keeping a vigilant eye for the” WOLF” (which symbolises Cancer!) In the display you see three pics in the backdrop showing her entering the woods coming through the other side! Whilst leaving the STRONG message behind of Early Detection Saves Lives! ”

window taking shape
Fully assembled
Ribbet collage
The signage – Early detection saves lives
Great visual graphics behind the mannequin
The finished article.

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