Tips for photographing window displays…

It’s one thing creating a great display, it’s quite another thing to photograph it well to show it off to its best potential. I’ve seen lots of displays that are let down by the photography, which is a real shame because behind the cloudy image or light reflections there is a really good display.

There’s no big secret to photographing a display really well, and you don’t need anything expensive.

Here are some top tips:

Equipment – You don’t need any flashy equipment, a phone camera can do a great job, just make sure it has a flash that can be turned off. You won’t want the flash on taking pictures of windows because it will ruin the picture.

Time –  Early morning and late afternoon are the best times because of the natural light. Great pictures can be taken on the most miserable of weather days, the worst time to take a picture is on a sunny day because there will be loads of reflection. Depending on what the lighting is like in the window of your shop, taking a picture in the dark could be quite atmospheric for certain displays like a Halloween one for example.

Content – Before photographing your window display from outside it can be quite a good idea to try and take some pictures from inside and get some good close ups of the stock your showing off. If you’ve got the time, you could set up some of the mannequins away from the window to get some images to use on different social media platforms. If your shop is on a variety of different social media sites then it would be more engaging for your customers to feature different content on each one.

Editing – The internet is full of photo editing websites, plenty of them are free and using them can really add to your pictures. If you want to keep it simple, you could just edit the quality of the picture, if you’ve got more time you could start adding filters, borders or creating collages. My personal favourite for photo editing is, it’s really user friendly and can bring out the best in your pictures.

Here are some examples of photos that have been edited and put together into collages, highlighting key items on display.

Salvation Army Charity Shop Dunfermline Spring Display…
Floral display from St Mary’s Hospice Shop in Dalton….
Irish Cancer Society Shop Capel Street…
PDSA Ballymena..

Looking for any help with creating images for social media from your window displays… just get in touch with us via our Facebook page or on twitter.


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