The pop up department….

Every now and then a donation arrives that’s asking for a module of its own. Sometimes it’s a product selection that doesn’t quite fit in one department or there isn’t a department it belongs too. Usually this type of donation is some kind of collection like a selection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Merchandise or a load of train books, pictures and figures. To give this donation its biggest impact, other than displaying it in the window, is to give it a dedicated space in the shop.

It’s quite a good idea, if you have space in your shop to have a module that doesn’t belong to any department in the shop but can be used for featuring different items, it’s a great way of keeping regular customers engaged. There is something quite fresh about having something a little different to your usual offering and a great chance to show off your shops merchandising skills. It’s also a great way to trial a potential new department in your shop without making major changes to your layout and taking valuable space away from other departments.

Cameras are a great item for doing a module feature on, it’s an item that will often be donated but instead of selling them as they come in, saving them up can create a real impact.

Display of cameras on a module located next to the till point.

The pop up Christmas department – merchandised on a lovely vintage chest.

St Wilfrids Hospice Hailsham

A pop up department to highlight and make the most of a donation of items that are brand new.

Oxfam Queen’s Road

Pop up featuring a selection of vintage homeware….


Pop up of vintage nightwear…


Fancy dress pop up…


Spring feature for a pop up display….

Oxfam Byres Road Bookshop

There are so many different types of module display out there and so many kinds of cross merchandising that could be happening. With Fathers day on the horizon, a module of card and gift selections could be a great module feature…


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