The Art of Social Media for Charity Shops..

Nowadays a shop isn’t just communicating visually on the high street but through the power of social media the shop can be hitting a world-wide audience. Having the ability to connect with potential customers that you might not of had access to before can open up a whole new audience for your shop and whats best about it is that it’s all free. All you have to do is master the art of social media, deciding how you want to represent your shop online and what you want to get out of it. Time is a precious commodity so spending time on social media needs to have some kind of pay off, different platforms offer different opportunities with Facebook and Twitter being the most mainstream.

Facebook is a great platform for connecting and interacting with your current customers, it can prove very useful for showing of current offers in-store, recruiting volunteers, requesting donations and showing of your best stock. Twitter on the other hand is a great way of connecting with potential customers and interacting with local businesses.

There are all sorts of great visuals you can share on social media..

Giving your customer ideas for upcoming events. Like this in-store display from MCC Connections Thrift Shop, showing off all sorts of gift ideas for mother’s day.

mcc connections thrift shop
MCC Connections Thrift Shop

Showing off outfit ideas, to inspire customers to create their own looks.

Oxfam Brighton

As well as featuring outfits, sharing images of close-ups on details to reflect the quality of the stock in your shop.


It doesn’t just have to be all about clothing, homewares are great to share images of to especially items that are unique and unusual.


Messaging is all so very powerful…. a great sign can stand out more than typed text like this board from Sue Ryder…


If you were using this image on twitter you could be hashtagging it or tweeting it to local business in your community who could retweet it to their followers widening your reach.

It’s all about thinking of different ways of communicating with your followers/likers to engage with them…



Sharing images of items created by your volunteers is a great way to show off their talents and might attract like-minded people to join your shop..

oxfam stamford
Up cycling from maps at Oxfam Stamford

Social Media can also be a great way of showing off your displays and the personality of your shop…

Oxfam Originals

Themed posts….


Vintage Lifestyle

Posts that focus on over looked items in your shop… like sheet music.


Getting your customers to interact with you on social media is a great way to create content, Cancer Wales has been encouraging its customers at its concept shop in Cardiff to take #goggleselfies and share them. Drawing attention to their great stock and awareness of Cancer research.

Image from the shops twitter @fashionlabwales

You could also give you followers something to share, that in-turn could be seen by a wider audience..


But best of all social media is just such a great way of sharing displays, sharing your shop window with the world…


There are all sort of other great types of content to share on social media that aren’t just images or displays. Engaging with your customers by sharing what going on in your charity and information about the importance of your charity are vital too. As is sharing pictures of your team, especially if your recruiting, seeing pictures of a happy team certainly encourages people to think about volunteering for you over other charities.

Other platforms worth looking at are Pinterest and Instagram, they are pretty much mainly image based. Pinterest is great for keeping a record of displays in your shop and is great place for sharing inspiration as well as finding it. Instagram is a great way for getting your customers to interact with you about their purchases and can connect with a slightly younger audience.

The main thing to remember is that quality is key, better to share less images that represent your shop how you would like it be seen than to share endless amounts of images of your shop that don’t really convey the message you want.


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