Charity Shop Visual Merchandising Inspiration of the Month – Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland in Clarkston Toll

Our pick this month is the newly opened Chest heart & Stroke Scotland Boutique at 52 Busby Road, Clarkston Toll. The shop has a themed decor resembling a garden in spring. The concept features lots of foliage and even mini sheds and a flower stall. Having a theme that is present throughout the whole of the store is such an inspiring concept and gives the shop a really unique look.




The setting up of the shop.

Its not just their new store that’s a merchandising inspiration, check out these images from some of their other stores across Scotland. There are some great props being used as well as some eye catching wallpapers. They also seem to be the masters of the in store table display.

165801_437906872907708_1657340151_n 196175_437892346242494_1772960801_n 200796_459574227407639_1882713597_n 559152_459569147408147_930132669_n 598619_437898096241919_1400013209_n moringide morningside stoccc# stockbr


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