The Beauty of a Well Dressed Mannequin…

There aren’t many things that require little effort to create and still look great apart from a well dressed mannequin. It can create real impact in a shop showing customers in a split second what to expect from your offering and exactly what types of clothing they will discover if they come into to your shop.

Sometimes a great display can be a simple one and as well as showing off trends on mannequins, its a great chance to show off real star pieces that stand alone and need no distractions of a busy display. Best of all whipping together some very styled mannequins can be very quick, when time is at a premium and its a great way of introducing volunteers to getting involved into creating window displays. Its a great idea to be getting different volunteers to be dressing mannequins, everyone has a different sense of style just like our customers do and your shop will reach a different cross section of people.

There are heaps of shops styling mannequins beautifully, providing a whole host of style inspiration to their customers.

Great duo styling at Marie Curie, where the two outfits compliment each other perfectly.

marie curie
Marie Curie

Fantastic colour palette at Oxfam Enfield.

Oxfam Enfield

A dazzling blue trio at Action Cancer Coleraine.

Action Cancer Coleraine

Bright styling at Cancer Research.

Cancer Research

Floaty and romantic style at Oxfam


Chic, muted tones at Sue Ryder.

Sue Ryder

Vintage been shown off to its best advantage in Dublin…

Dublin Charity Shop

Stylish florals at Mary’s Living & Giving Shop in Stockbridge..


A very well dressed man at the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army

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