When it comes to holding a sale, does size matter?

These days on the High Street, retailers aren’t just having the traditional two end of season sales any more. They are having more sales than ever and lots and lots of promotions and discounts. So reflecting this,more and more charity shops are holding sales and promotions. The great thing about charity shops is that they can be really reactive and whether a clear out is needed or a sudden sales push is required a promotion can be created. Sales seem to come in all different sizes, does bigger mean better?

There seems to be a few different approaches to charity shop sales….

The first approach is the volume selling approach, running a 3 for 2 or a buy one get one free. This helps to move the volume of stock, aiming to increase purchasing by encouraging customer to buy when they might not have intended to, because there is a deal on. If you’ve got lots of stock this can only make you money.

The second approach is the selling of the culled stock approach, traditionally in the form of the sale rail when it comes to clothes. This positive result of this is getting money for stock at the end of its time on the shop floor, the downside is that usually there is a reason for the stock that hasn’t sold and the sale rail might detract from your stock that you are selling at full price.

The third approach is the random price reductions, random in the sense of having ‘star buy’ reductions where you have selected a handful of items around the shop floor that you have chosen to reduce, by an amount of your choosing. This can keep your customers interested as they never know what deals they might find in-store.

The fourth approach is the all out, all singing, all dancing full store sale. If you are wanting to move lots of stock, having a seasonal change around or wanting to kick sales up in that difficult post Xmas lull, then this is the sale for you. This type of sale is where you reduce every single item in your shop by 50% ( Not by marking it down, that would take ages. Instead put up a giant window display and heaps and heaps of signage telling the customer that the reduction will be made at the till. This means that once you have ended the sale and taken down the signage you don’t have to remove every single item off your shop floor whilst you are restocking) This type of sale is definitely one for the customers and might peak after a handful of days so don’t commit to dates, let customers know it won’t last long.

Holding a sale or promotion can be a real hit with your customers and changing up the type you hold can be what keeps your customer on their toes and returning for more….

And when it comes to merchandising a sale there is heaps of inspiration on the internet…


Sale hangers
A sale window with impact at Oxfam Preston…

There are many more different kinds of sales and these are just a few examples, let us now if you hold a different type of sale.


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