The completely bare window display aka the very open window…

I know lots of shops are fans of having their window displays not enclosed but having an open window showing some off the inside of the shop too. Both styles of display are really effective, an enclosed display really creates a strong look and makes a theme really stand out whereas more open displays make the most of showing the customer whats inside your shop. By enclosed window I mean either walled or you have a background that isn’t see through.

Out and about I have spied some shops that don’t have any window display at all, when your walking past you can see directly into the shop, the main benefit to this is that customers can see exactly what to expect before stepping over the door and for those hesitant customers not sure if they know what your selling, well they may be tempted to pop in. Of course no display is an extreme open window perhaps not really advisable as the window is prime selling space and most customers love seeing a display but its an interesting concept.

So often especially when trying to entice more male customers or younger customers, whoever your trying to attract, its hard to let passers by know what your selling by presenting all you have to offer in a display. So opening up more of your window could help shout about your offering.

What do you think is it best to have an open window or do enclosed windows create a stronger look?


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