Charity Shop Visual Merchandising & Display Inspiration of the Month – Capability Scotland Stockbridge

This months inspiration comes from the Capability Scotland Shop in Stockbridge, the charity campaigns with, and provides education, employment and care services for, disabled children and adults across Scotland.

The shop in Stockbridge consists of all the usual departments but also features a Bridal department and a vintage one too. They have a created a very chic interior for their bridal department as well as designing some inventive window displays.




11221896_734065143369718_8172086555008504042_nThe shop also has a vintage department, with lots of great touches to add to the merchandising. The furniture they use really adds to the vibe and is much more attractive than using the standard shop fixtures.




11222181_735277103248522_7084907059528440364_nQuite a few charity shops have the addition of the bridal department and the Stockbridge shop has recently added one, creating a very chic and customer friendly setting perfect for showing off all their lovely dresses.


Ribbet collagejj


It’s often the little touches when it comes to merchandising that can really make a shop stand out and give a shop a personality all of its own. With all its different departments and ace merchandising, the Capability Shop in Stockbridge looks well worth a visit.

To find out more about the shop and the charity, check out their Facebook page 


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