The Top 20 Charity Shop Window Displays Of 2015

There have been heaps and heaps of really creative and innovative displays being created in Charity Shops all over the country. Of all the displays we have shared on our Facebook page these are the displays that have gained the most likes from our community of shop managers, volunteers and charity shop fans.

  1. Budleigh Devon Air Ambulance Shop – Remembrance Day Display

Budleigh Devon Air Ambulance Shop....137

2. Scope Wakefield – Christmas Display

stive Window at Scope in Wakefield...133

3. Age Concern in Bamber Bridge – Winner of the Charity Retail Association Window Display Award 2015

Age Concern in Bamber Bridge124

4. Cancer Research Wales in Talbot Green – All White Display

at Cancer Research Wales in Talbot Green..85

5. SVP Laurence Centre Vincent’s Shop

SVP Laurence Centre Vincent's Shop...82

6. British Red Cross Winter Wonderland Window


7. Hillfield Animal Home RSPCA Shop Swadlincote – Christmas Display

Hillfield Animal Home RSPCA Shop Swadlincote....70

8. Cornwall Hospice Care – Butterfly Paper Crafted Dress

created by Tracey Stokes... 66

9. Oxfam Preston – Rainbow Merchandised Books….

at Oxfam Preston..62

10. Rowcroft Hospice Boutique (Torquay) – Winter Chic

Rowcroft Hospice Boutique, Torquay 62

11. Cancer Research Shop in Central Cardiff – Monochrome

Cancer Research Shop in Central Cardiff....57

12. Oxfam Wokingham – Shoe Flowers…

Amazing shoe flowers at Oxfam Wokingham. 53

13. Sue Ryder – Vintage Style Paper Dress

ovely Vintage display at Sue Ryder..53

14.PDSA Kingswood – World Dress

PDSA Kingswood...50.jpg

15. St Oswald’s Hospice in Jesmond – Ice Winter Display

St Oswald's Hospice in Jesmond...50

16. CRUK Bridgend – Volunteering Display

Clever volunteering display at CRUK Bridgend...47

17.Red Cross Shop in Hay on Wye – Remembrance Display

Red Cross Shop in Hay on W 46

18. Oxfam Welwyn Garden City – Handmade Christmas Tree


19. PDSA Kingswood (Bristol) – Autumnal Style

PDSA Kingswood (Bristol) created by Anne Wilm46

20. SVP Laurence Centre Vincent’s Shop – Book Display

SVP Laurence Centre Vincent's Shop...46



2 thoughts on “The Top 20 Charity Shop Window Displays Of 2015

  1. These displays are all amazing. As manager of british red cross charity shop I get lots of inspiration from the displays and use them in our windows.


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