Visual Merchandising at Oxfam Harborne – Guest Post by J.McCormick

Oxfam in Harborne is a busy little shop a few miles from Birmingham city centre. We sell a variety of donated products mainly specialising in women’s fashion alongside a large range of new products too. We are a very friendly team that prides itself on presenting a high standard of visual merchandising in our shop. The inspiration behind most of our displays is dependent on what stock we have available to us, our windows aim to create a look rather than be packed full of stock to sell. That said though we wouldn’t put anything in our windows that wasn’t available to buy to avoid frustrating our customers. Some of our favourite windows this year have been colour scheme based, our blue window and our black and orange window created strong visual impacts and were easy for us to keep topped up with stock.

We try to keep up with seasonal themes and mix them in with stock we have to sell, for example at Halloween we aimed to go for a more glamorous women’s fashion vibe than selling fancy dress because we had lots of ladies party dresses to sell. We find its good if we are making items for the window to try and get some extra life out of it, we kept up some autumn leaves we made for a few weeks changing the main window display around them and for Christmas we had a donation drive window up that included a large present poster in the window that we have now removed the middle from and replaced with a snowman.

Sometimes our windows are not about selling at all, but are about us trying to attract new donors, we are huge fans of donation request windows, that have worked really well for us at bringing in more stock when we have needed it.













In store Displays

We love creating hotspot displays in the shop, especially ones that involve well dressed mannequins and we are all about colour blocking in Harborne.

If you have enjoyed our displays be sure to keep up with us on Twitter and Instagram We have a fantastic volunteer, Cam who does our social media for us.


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