Top 10 Charity Shop Christmas Window Displays 2016

There have been some cracking Christmas window displays this year, with some real creativity on show in shops all over the country. Our top ten have been selected from the pictures that have gained the most likes once they have been shared on our Facebook page. This years winner is the fine Oxfam Morpeth, whose light up book tree accessorised with handmade snowflakes is a fantastic example of a well executed,up-cycled display showing how ace creations can be made from shop stock. The shop is so good it even has another display in the top ten, looks like we should all be paying a visit to Morpeth!

Have a good look through all the displays, providing heaps of inspiration.


  1. Oxfam Morpeth – Light up book tree


2. Barnardo’s King’s Heath – Snowman


3.SVP Laurence Centre Vincent’s Shop – Upcycled Jewellery



4. Wellswood Rowcroft Hospice Boutique, Torquay – Winter Wonderland



5. Children’s Society Shirley, Solihull – Snow Queen


6. Oxfam Morpeth – Christmas Angel


7. Action Cancer Coleraine – The Nutcracker


8. Salvation Army Dinnington – Snowman


9.Scope Wakefield – Classic Christmas


10. Buckie Red Cross – Upcycled Displays



5 thoughts on “Top 10 Charity Shop Christmas Window Displays 2016

    1. Well to me nutcracker one in Coleraine is outstanding not just the window display but the background and thought and talent that went into it just amazing well done Coleraine Action Cancer shop and Manageress not just for Christmas but all year through the designer style s out of this world so folks try and beat that and the staff personality and appreciation to all who enter s the door buy or not such a welcome friendliness by one and all x x x Hope your get what your more than over the top when it come s to window displays x x x

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