Valentines Day – Behind the Display by PDSA Kingswood

So, the Christmas window is gone and Valentine Day is ahead of us and I need to start work on it. Firstly, as a charity shop I need to make best use of any materials we already have and try to re-use them in innovative ways. We had some white net left from last Valentine display and some red net saved from the Remembrance Day Poppy Dress display, so that will form the basis of this year’s Valentine window

Last year, our theme was hearts, and I used jumbo playing cards and red felt hearts to decorate the dress. I need something different for this year, and thought of paper roses. First, to find out the best way to make them I researched some on-line tutorial videos. The first one looked very complicated, the second one I could not even understand, but the third one seemed achievable. I did a couple of samples, and we decided we wanted them to be bigger. Having got the size right, we felt we would need between 50-60 and a mix of red and white. We needed to purchase some red paper, but made use of some old music scores which had been donated (but had not sold) for the white ones. This has kept the cost to a minimum and looks very effective

Blog contributed by Anne Willmott from Pdsa Kingswood






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